Saturday, June 27, 2015

love wins

Yesterday was a historic day in our country. The Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, legally recognizing that love knows no boundaries of gender... love is love. As someone who has friends and relatives in LGBT marriages -- some legal, some not until yesterday's ruling -- this makes me very happy. :)

From Justice Anthony Kennedy's closing statement:

And landmarks around the nation lit up like rainbows last night to celebrate. So beautiful :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

get sh*t done sunday - the furniture edition

So this past Sunday, I did two things I've had on my 'to do' list for eons... finally!

When I moved into my house six and a half years ago, I bought a lot of nice, dark stained furniture for my living room (a bookcase, a console for my tv) to match my dark teak wood dining room table. But I had an unstained, giant coffee table from Pier 1 Imports....

Well, I don't anymore!

And as the #2, I decided to also refurbish my childhood desk that my parents kicked out of their house a few years ago that's been collecting dust in my garage.

Step 1: Lug giant table out to really hot garage (why didn't I do this last weekend when it was not 90 degrees outside?). Dust cobwebs and plain-old dust off of old desk that's been shoved in the corner of the garage for 3+ years.

Step 2: Unpack new sander (since I thrashed the old sander while sanding and painting the garage trim and window box shelves two weeks ago) and thrash the new sander while removing old stain, scratches, dents, splinters, etc. from furniture to be stained.

(Note: the "high performance dust collector" on the back of my new Black & Decker Mouse Detail sander does NOT collect the majority of the "dust" created by sanding a giant unstained coffee table and really old, previously stained open-top desk. It collects a little, but there was more on the outside of the "high performance dust collector" contraption than inside it.)


Step 3: Vacuum sanded dust particles off of coffee table and desk so there is a smooth, clean surface to paint. 

Step 4: Paint the wood stain onto every visible surface, being sure to drizzle it into the crevices between the wood slats. I used Varathane Wood Stain in the color "Kona." At first, I just put this on the desk, and had an older stain I'd used in my condo on the table (seen below) because I thought the Kona was too dark for the coffee table.....

Step 5: ... But after it dried on the desk (in just an hour -- the label doesn't lie!), I really liked it.. it had a great shine to it like my other furniture. (The older stain didn't have a shine to it.) So I re-stained the coffee table Monday night. 

And while I think it IS darker than my other furniture (because it doesn't have any red to it like the TV console and book shelf's stain does when the light hits it), I am really happy with the re-do. And Lucky is really happy to have his hiding place back from the garage after two days. (Yes, I have newspaper taped to the legs still because I'm paranoid about the new stain staining my cream carpet. Sue me :p) 

As for my former childhood desk, after buying a really cute new knob for the pull-top door and six new drawer pulls at Home Depot, I've decided to try it out in my dining room as a mini-buffet cabinet of sorts. I've put all of my table linens (that were formerly stashed in a cabinet above the fridge) in the drawers, and figure I can open it up and put serving dishes or other assorted overflow items from the table on it when I have people over and we actually eat inside. Yay!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

garden update

In I-can't-believe-this-is-happening news: After two previous attempts to grow my favorite food of all time, I actually have strawberries growing and about to turn red. AND the squirrels haven't gotten to them yet! (So shhhhhhh!)

I'm going to assume the squirrels haven't gotten to the strawberries yet because they are preoccupied with the bird seed at the other end of the yard. While my feeder is supposedly squirrel-proof (it's called Squirrel X), they still like hanging out around it as every bird in my neighborhood picks seeds out of it and drops a lot on the ground. In fact, this week, it took those birds all of four days to descend on my yard and turn this...

...into this.

They better learn to eat more slowly. I'm only going to fill that thing up once a week IF they're lucky. (If I can ration my Marks & Spencer Scottish Shortbread cookies, these birds can ration their wildbird seed mix!)

Finally, my new mint plant is getting bigger and is so far bug free. And the rosemary and lavender that I'm propagating is still alive.. the lavender is even budding a bit. Yay! I want that especially to root so I can plant it in a sunny spot, hardly ever water it and watch it get ginormous like the lavendar in my front garden :)