Sunday, May 17, 2015

get sh*t done sunday

Today I slept in until 10:30. It was awesome. Then I got up, threw on an old t-shirt and went outside to work on projects. I came back inside at 8:30pm. I rocked my home improvement to-do list! Therefore, today shall be deemed "Get Sh*t Done Sunday." Here's what I got done:

1) Sanded and painted my garage door trim that's been peeling since at least Thanksgiving when I put up my Christmas lights. Every time I pull up to the garage in daylight hours I see it and think, "I really need to repaint that." Today I did, and my across-the-street neighbor Juan, who does paint and drywall for a living, complimented my work and informed me it's been at least 7-8 years since it was last painted... and noted that he paints his trim every two years. I guess that's a helpful hint. ;)

2) Cleaned out my front gardens, cut back a ton of out-of-control rosemary and lavender, planted some new baby cactus' in the garden and on the porch, sprayed for bugs, fixed my wayward sprinkler that was watering the driveway, and fertilized the front and back lawns. Oh, and I cleaned about four years of smog and soot off my white mailbox using this awesome Earth Brite cleaner my mom found on HSN in the middle of the night (which I borrowed a while ago and haven't given back yet. Oops!). It cleans EVERYTHING. Next weekend I'm going to use it to clean my white fence that also has four years of smog and soot on it. :)

3) It's been four months since I trimmed and fed all my back gardens and planted spring flowers. Some of those flowers have died, and weeds have grown. So I went and got some new "full sun" flowers that do better with less water. I also trimmed the roses again. Next weekend, I will lay mulch. I ran out of daylight today :(

4) The vine on my trellis was also out-of-control, growing up into the rain gutter and over the fence, and a lot of the under-growth was dead and spider-infested. So I cut it all back ... and discovered a hornets nest under the eaves of the house in the process. The hornets are now dead. The vine is cut back and bug spray abounds. I also discovered that one of the grates on my patio that's supposed to keep creatures out from under my house is missing. So I now will be calling an exterminator to make sure the opossum I saw last summer isn't living under there and to repair the grate. Ugh.

5) While all that was going on outside, I also did a load each of laundry and dishes. Now I'm going to sleep. Hopefully, I'll be able to move tomorrow....

Saturday, April 18, 2015

things that make me smile

My 60+ year-old next door neighbor arriving home from playing tennis, blaring AC DC's "Back in Black" out his Porsche's open windows.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

luuuuuuuc the statuuuuuuue

If you know me, you know I love hockey. You also probably know that I love the LA Kings. And the reason I first went to a Kings game (circa 1988) and fell in love with hockey was a cute French Canadian named Luc Robitaille (who I'd seen playing at a celebrity softball game at USC that I originally went to in order to drool over long-haired rocker boys from '80s hair bands... but I digress.)

Turns out, that cute Luc Robitaille was also a pretty good hockey player. Like the top-scoring-left-wing-in-NHL-history kind of good. 

And over the years -- after I learned about hockey from listening to Bob Miller call games on TV, and eventually became a season ticket holder -- I watched him score his 500th goal on January 7, 1999 at the Great Western Forum. I watched him leave the team (for the second time) to win the Stanley Cup (for the first time) with the Detroit Red Wings in 2002. And once he returned home to LA, I was there for his final home game on April 15, 2006, chanting "Luuuuuuuuuuc" as he skated a final lap around Staples Center ice before he retired from the NHL. 

In January 2007, I sat through quite possibly the longest jersey retirement ceremony ever as his #20 was raised to the rafters of Staples Center. And on June 11, 2012, I cried as I watched him raise the Stanley Cup over his head as a King when the Kings won it for the first time, with Luc serving as President of Business Operations for the team. 

So I was, of course, standing outside Staples Center in Star Plaza on March 7, 2015, when Luuuuuuc was immortalized in bronze, as only the second LA hockey player to be honored with a statue outside the arena. His statue is in the front of the plaza, and unlike most of the others (Wayne Gretzky, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Chick Hearn, Oscar de La Hoya) his statue is in color, with him wearing a white classic Kings jersey, his stick raised over his head and a smile on his face in a celebratory goal-scoring pose. 

Wayne Gretzky showed up to speak in his honor. Mario Lemieux, his Pittsburgh Penguin teammate, also came to the ceremony. Quite possibly the two greatest hockey players ever, were there to honor Luc. That's how respected he his. His Kings teammate and current front-office co-worker Rob Blake spoke. So did Lakers great Jerry West. And Kings fans showed up an hour before game time to watch it all happen. 

Here are some photos :)

Stacia and Luc Robitaille walk the red carpet to the ceremony

The Great One

Bob Miller's back, Luc's side and the statue under wraps

Rob Blake and Wayne Gretzky in the front row 
The statue is unveiled

View from the front, with (l-r) Mario Lemieux, Luc, Rob Blake, Jerry West, AEG President
Dan Beckerman, Jesse Robitaille, Wayne Gretzky

pop it, hike it, work it out!

So this is the week I've chosen to finally -- after three months off during which I was extremely lethargic following my January colds/flus/what the doctor told me last week could've been mono (thanks airplane flights to/from NYC for NYE) -- get back to being healthy and working out.

Last night, I went back to Pop Physique and was extremely disappointed to find out that I *am* as out of shape as I thought I was. My planking was pathetic, my push ups even worse. I can, however, still squeeze that pink ball while standing on my tippy toes like a ballet-boss! Today, my hamstrings and the sides of my ribcage hurt like hell. Tomorrow night, I'm going back for more. 

I also want to start hiking again, even though half of my hiking club has abandoned me to NYC or complaining, "It's too hot now." To that I can now say HA! Look at this -- The 15 Best Summer Hikes in Southern California! Note: Some of these fall under the awesome category of "Shade." 

Now I just need to figure out how to get to there :)

Who's in? 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

a few of my favorite things....

Inspired by the 50th Anniversary of "The Sound of Music" this year, and the fact that I need to get back to blogging (no matter how short and sweet), here is a quick hit of a few of my favorite things lately:

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways HBO Series

This was actually one of my favorite things of 2014, but I never got around to writing about it. So here, in honor of it being released on DVD April 9, is why I love it:

  1. It's directed by Dave Grohl, who can do no wrong and is quite possibly the coolest guy on earth.
  2. It stars Dave and the rest of the Foo Fighters.
  3. It tells the story behind every song on the Foo's Sonic Highways album. Watching the series, which takes place in each of the eight cities the album was recorded in, you literally see and hear the songs being born. Each of those cities was chosen because they are part of the history of music in America. And now, as I listen to the album, I'm reminded of each of those stories. It was just an amazing, inspiring and educational premise.
  4. There is an episode set in the French Quarter of New Orleans. 'Nuff said.
  5. Because Dave interviews Dolly Parton in the Nashville episode, I was able to trick my mom into watching an hour of Foo Fighter awesomeness.... and she liked it! 

Live Music

This is and always will be one of my favorite things. There is nothing like being in the presence of people who can take instruments and make magic come out of them.

I kicked off my 2015 concert series last night with one of the most amazing musical magicians around, Jonny Lang, who started off in 1997 as a blues-guitar prodigy with a deep, soulful voice coming out of a scrawny blond kid from North Dakota. He's now a veteran at 34 (ha!) and last night at The Canyon in Agoura, he and his band made some amazingly awesome sounds come out of beautiful guitars.

Coming up on the concert calendar:

  • Fleetwood Mac  @ The Forum to check it off the concert bucket list since this will likely be the last time they're all together
  • Bette Midler @ Staples Center (Mom's Christmas gift)
  • U2 @ The Forum -- I'm only going once this tour, I swear!
  • Foo Fighters @ The Forum 
  • Idina Menzel @ the Hollywood Bowl -- GNO with Erin and JZ
  • I will also be going to the Bowl to hear the score of my favorite movie performed live Labor Day weekend. I'm so excited! 
  • And there is also the chance that I will cave and buy a last minute ticket to Maroon 5 @ The Forum this Friday.

(FYI, The Forum is NOT one of my favorite things, yet I sure am going to be there a lot this year. Ugh.) 


This was my favorite movie of 2014. I was crushed that it was not nominated for Best Picture by anyone. I don't know if it was the hiking, the beauty of nature, the being away from everything, the searching for something, the writing in a journal every day, the anger at disease striking a beloved mom or all of the above, but this movie spoke to me. I'm now reading the book, because BKF said I should. (If I ever finish it, I'll let you know ;) The movie comes out on DVD/Blu Ray this Tuesday.

My Garden

It's in full bloom and the weather is great. Next weekend, I'm uncovering the patio furniture and filling up the grill's tank and going to buy a lounge chair. I want to spend the summer out there reading (when it's not 100 degrees ;).... and maybe even writing more. We'll see.

a rosy spring

It's definitely spring in my rose garden!

Back in January, when I was pruning and feeding my 25-ish rose bushes, I also laid some fresh soil around each of them for the first time in about 5 years. And can I just say, Miracle Gro does not lie! Their rose soil is amazing! I mixed the Bayer rose food I give them every six months in the fresh soil and it seems like my plants started leafing within a week and buds started to grow shortly thereafter. 

I have one giant red rose bush that always shoots up to around 5-6 feet tall. But this spring, there is another rose bush on the other end of the garden that's giving it a run for its height supremacy. (It hasn't bloomed yet, and I can't remember what color it is, but I'm hoping for pink :)

Overall, everything seems bigger and healthier and the flowers are budding like crazy! Even my little annuals that are in the garden near the roses are thriving vs. dying, which is a miracle considering how hot it's been and how few days I'm allowed to run the sprinklers these days.

I love my garden! It's my happy place :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

random thoughts during the 2015 oscars

Notes from the Red Carpet..

Dakota Johnson looks great and I love that she and her mom are embarrassing each other on worldwide television.

Reese Witherspoon looks amazing. Loved "Wild." My fave movie of the year!

Don't love Emma Stone's dress but still love her and her quote of the night: ".. Bradley Cooper, who I know...he's a normal person." Uh yeah.

Why did Faith Hill cut her hair?

Kerry Washington looks great, as always.

I love Bradley Cooper. ...he's "a normal person" ya know.

I love Chris Evans too. But I love Chris Hemsworth more. Where's Thor?

Fun fact: Patricia Arquette lives across the street from my boss. (And Justin Timberlake lives across the street from my poker hostess with the mostess... I think this "across the street from famous people" is becoming a thing in my life.)

Now on the with Show!

Ok NPH, I have big hopes for you tonight. #nopressure

Thanks Lupita Nuongo for getting me the "teleprompter flub" spot on my Oscar bingo card by saying "And the Actor goes to.." JK Simmons already won an Actor. And now he has an Oscar! "Whiplash" was a crazy intense film and his performance was crazy, intense and amazing! And his speech was also one of the best ever. Call your mom and dad! I love you Juno's dad!

Oh hi Adam Levine. Who predicted "Lost Stars" would get a nomination when she saw "Begin Again" last summer? Oh yeah, that would be me.

I hated "The Grand Budapest Hotel"...just fyi. It felt like it was 10 years long. But it can win Hair/Makeup and Costume, as long as that's all it wins.

Wes Anderson has been making movies for 17 years?!?! He looks like he's only 17.

Ok. Best Oscar Performance EVER! "Everything is AWESOME!" Love you Batman!  Plus, thanks 
for the "Wacky Tux" space on my Oscar bingo card, Adam Sandburg. 

New best quote of the night, from NPH:

"I love that dress. It takes a lot of balls to wear that dress."

(Talking about this woman who won for "Documentary Short Subject.")

Gwyneth Paltrow really likes wearing pink to the Oscars, doesn't she?

The Glen Campbell song, performed by Tim McGraw, was totally sad. Thanks Julianne Moore for the "tears" box on my Oscar Bingo card. Could we have the "In Memoriam" now too so we can just get all the sad over with at once.  #rememberrobin

NPH reenacts the "Birdman" tighty whitie scene. Painful. Part Deux.

Jared Leto in a powder blue tux. No comment. Okay.. a comment... Why Jared, why?

Yay for Patricia Arquette! And yay for her equal rights and wages for women speech! She rocks.

Christian Grey's sister is singing. A song from super songwriter Diane Warren. That is all.

Okay, I haven't seen "Interstellar" yet. But I find it hard to believe it just beat "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Dawn of the Planet of rhe Apes" for Visual Effects. Can someone tell me why?

Anna Kendrick is taller than Kevin Hart. And it's not just her heels, Kevin.

LOVE Jessica Chastain's dress. That's one of my colors! I WANT that dress!

"Birdman" wins for Cinematography. Shocker!

Now the sad "In Memorium." #rememberrobin

Jennifer Hudson's voice is sooo good. Wow.

Best Filming Editing goes to "Whiplash." This is sad, because if "American Sniper" had won, I could have continued my "across the street from famous people" theme, as nominee Gary D. Roach lives next door to my BFF Christina up in the SCV. Oh well...

Great "Glory" performance. More "tears" for my Oscar bingo card.

Idina Menzel rocks. That is all.

So you're telling me John Legend's name isn't really John Legend? It's John Stephens?!?! Mind. Just. Blown. (And Lonnie Lynn? Really "Common"? But can't say I blame you on that one....)

Umm... is Lady Gaga really singing songs from "The Sound of Music," or have I just had too much wine? I mean she has a good voice, but she's definitely no nun.

AHHHHHHH JULIE ANDREWS!!!!  Bow down people. Bow down.

YES! "The Grand Budapest Hotel" did NOT win Original Screenplay. Any of those movies were better. So congrats "Birdman." (Why do I feel that's not the last time I'll type that tonight? #worktweettoclientscomingsoon)

2nd Best Speech of the Night goes to former weird kid Graham Moore, who won Best Adapted Screenplay for "The Imitation Game."  "Stay weird,  stay different." Yes!

And now, the only acting award that could go more than one way.....

Whoo hoo! Eddie Redmayne winning Best Actor for "The Theory of Everything" makes me soooooo happy! Such an amazing performance in an amazing film!

Julianne Moore wins. So well deserved. But why couldn't Matthew McConabeard say "Alright" three times instead of just once so I could win on my Oscar bingo card?

Best Picture... "Birdman" or "Boyhood?" (It shoulda been "Wild")

Birdman. Not a surprise. Have I mentioned that "Wild" was my favorite movie this year? Le sigh...

P.S. None of these Oscar bingo cards won. You suck Jimmy Fallon. Is the Jimmy Kimmel Oscar special on yet?